Sean Suchara is a Freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Artist, and Writer based in Long Island, NY.

Through a process-oriented practice, Sean seeks to use art as the basis for humanizing information and creating visual languages and tools that emphasize accessibility and empowerment. Instead of focusing on set outcomes and expectations, Sean prefers to let his work be ever-changing and informed by ideas and relationships developed with each of his collaborators.

Alongside his own practice, Sean frequently collaborates with Artist Fanny Luor as a part of the Artist Collective, Play.Ground, and But What Can I Do? a climate action newsletter for a slow more intentioned world.

Featured Collaborators

Apple, Dropbox, Facebook,
+Pool, The Center for Urban Pedagogy, 
The New York Times, Intercom, John Hopkins,
Studio Elana Schlenker, The Creative Independent 

Fellowships & Residencies
    • Typography Summer School, 2015
    • Designer in Residence, Facebook Analog Research Lab, 2019
    • Public Access Design Fellow, The Center for Urban Pedagogy, 2019
    • Making Policy Public, The Center for Urban Pedagogy, 2021

Features & Press

    • Art of the Pin, 2015
    • Scotland Graphic Design Festival Poster Competition, 2016
    • Endless Biennial, 2016—2017 
    • Sounds about Riso, 2019
    • Sounds about, 2020 
    •, Microcosm Show, 2020
    • Sounds about Riso 4.0, 2022

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